Friday, June 8, 2012

Marathon of a Different Kind

Class of 2012

This is the reason I am behind on my blog!  I think it's a pretty good reason.  

My daughter will graduate with honors from junior college on Sunday.  She's 18.  And we home-schooled from day one.  It. CAN. Be. Done. (yes, that was grammatically incorrect!).

She is socialized.  VERY socialized!  She is normal like other teens and has tons of great memories growing up.  She chose to stay home-schooled when given other options.  These years dragged on and flew by all at the same time.  

She is about to leave the nest and start a new chapter in her life.  She will have doubts, questions, uncertainties.  She will also have faith, reassurance and joy.  

And she will have her family.  Always. NO MATTER WHAT.  

I'll catch up on my blog soon. First, I have a little bird to set free.