Friday, October 15, 2010

Double Trouble!

Tomorrow I will be running the Point Defiance 50k trail run in Tacoma, Washington.  Six days after the Portland Marathon...and the day before the Poulsbo Marathon.  Yup.  Really.

Point Defiance 50k website

One of the many trails at Point Defiance

Poulsbo Marathon website

Poulsbo aka Little Norway

Fall colors overlooking Liberty Bay in Poulsbo
Some of my incredible friends would consider this a light warm up.  So if you think what I'm attempting is a little on the "has she lost her marbles?" side, there are people who I will not name that attempt far greater distances and time limits than I.

This will be my first Double, which in Marathon Maniac speak means two marathons (or longer) on two consecutive days.  By completing these two races, I will earn the coveted 4 spinny stars on my Marathon Maniac page.  Woo-hoo!

A cold has attempted to thwart my plans for the weekend, but I am determined not to let it stop me from finishing my quest.  It won't be pretty out there as my nose may be running faster than my feet.

I will update with a race report next week.  Until then, keep running and breaking down those self-imposed boundaries!

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No, I'm not sponsored by Brooks...just love the reminder :)