Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Wish List for a Runner

It's that time of year when the world falls in love...or, you know, goes all crazy-postal at the mall to buy the hottest new toy or gadget for little Johnny and Sarah for Christmas.  

If you are a runner or have one in your life, don't fret because the lines are not long for the perfect gift.  

In honor of the 12 days of Christmas, here is my list of 12 must-haves for the runner in your life:

Encouragement from Coach Bart

  1. Race entry to a bucket-list marathon, like London, New York, Sau Paulo Brazil, etc.
  2. Garmin or other gadget that can track heart rate, pace, mileage, temperature, maps the run, gives audible encouragement on the run, tells you if there are any dogs, bears other predators nearby, etc.
  3. Unlimited massages for a year (not from you unless you are a sports massage therapist).
  4. An on-call nutritionist.
  5. A running coach (like Bart Yasso, Dan Salazer; not someone you would find at the local track).
  6. $10,000 to spend on running shoes and apparel.
  7. Vroom!
  8. Acquire sponsorship for your runner from a running store.
  9. Personalized signs to display for encouragement during their races (e.g.: "You are a Running Machine, ______________!"
  10. A gift certificate to a Whole Foods store for a year's supply of organic food.
  11. A fast car with their name and image to lead them in their races (even if they're not first).
  12. Fully-loaded RV for race weekends.
  13. Access to a private plane to take them to destination races.

Interior of learjet.  Enough room to bring the family or friends!

Interior of Runner's RV

So maybe these are not the most practical gifts.  That's okay. Most runners would be happy if you set aside a day to listen to their running stories.  Really listen.

What?  Is the list more doable now?

Whatever you get them (or yourself), have a blessed and merry Christmas!