Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello legs!

February 13, 2013

I have a challenge for you.  Try to exercise without putting pressure on one of your feet.  Go!  I'll be waiting in the elevator while you try to sweat. If you put pressure on anything but the heel of your "injured" foot, you're cheating.

Did you have to get creative? What did you do to work up a sweat? It's possible to work your body without using your foot, yes, but it's takes some thought and effort.  I have found it difficult to really sweat since my injury. You know, drip off your nose and elbows sweat. I was given the a-okay to try the bike and other low impact equipment and as long as there is no pain, I can go for it!

My sit bones are a little sore but my psyche is extremely elated. As long as I don't stand up on the pedals, I can bike with the best of them. I tried the stair climber and no longer have to look with envy because now I am climbing, too! I've also discovered another couple of tools at the YMCA that get the sweat flying: the ROPE PULL and Jacob's Ladder. 

What is Jacob's Ladder?

My life is feeling more normal now. That first drip of sweat was like a revelation: I am healing and I am love sweating. I know that may sound weird but if it doesn't, you are my friend. You know.

Who are these women who CHOOSE to not break a sweat intentionally? My guess is they have emotional problems. My theory is that more women would suffer less physical and emotional problems if they would force their bodies into uncomfortable effort. Now don't get down on me, ladies. I know what's what. Our bodies can do crazy things. But GENERALLY speaking, physical activity does wonders for our stability, both physical and emotional.

Did you sweat today?