Thursday, January 19, 2012


Breaking News!

It's official.  Winter has slapped the Pacific Northwest right in the face.  The label "Snowmageddon" has surfaced over the last few days with the predictions of massive snowfall.  Yesterday brought 10 inches of snow to my home and record snowfall in various parts of the region.  Today we face "Icemageddon", a winter ice storm warning.  Yay!  The local shipard and naval base have closed except for essential personnel for the last 2 days, leaving my husband home to play Angry Birds.

Runners face some dilemmas with this weather.  First, the elusive question of what to wear.  I got it right one day out of four.  The other three I overdressed.  The next dilemma is traction.  As in, is there any?  Costco Yak Trax have emerged from my closet and made their first winter debut yesterday.  I was leery because I remembered them flinging off my feet last year in the snow.  I'm thrilled to report they stayed on for five snow-filled, peaceful miles. Another issue is power.  The snow/ice is notoriously associated with power outages here. We've been fortunate so far but if the roads are not runnable and the power goes out, my treadmill is useless.  Pray that doesn't happen as I may become one of those in-place runners.  How do I count the mileage?

My training has been stunted this past week with the snow and ice, shortening most of my runs.  As I watch ice fall from the sky, my resolve is clear.  I will work out today.  I hope I get to run.  If not, I will get in my P90X2 workout.  If the power goes out, I will do my own workout of one minute cardo (jump rope, jacks, etc.) with one minute strength exercise, at least 30 minutes.  Or, you know, I could curl up with my cat and watch the birds go crazy at the bird feeder.