Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Challenges

"I have a dream that one day..." I will run again.  Out of the depths of despair and injury, my feet will rise up and jump over roots and rocks and pavement.  I have a dream that my doctors are full of phooey and will eat their words about March 3rd being an aggressive date to start running again.

I had a dream that I was running through the streets of Seattle.  The streets were crowded but it felt so good to run!  And then I awoke.  Stupid dream. 

Some people who are injured use that time to take it easy, laying off completely from strenuous exercise.  Do you really think I'm one of those people?  My old self; yes. Now?  Might I suggest a full body restraint to keep me from exercising?

It's been nearly three weeks since I've run.  How is that possible?  I'm starting to have thoughts like, "26 miles!  I don't like to drive 26 miles!"  My non-running friends' thoughts are invading my brain.

During the past nearly three weeks, I have relied upon P90X for the majority of my exercise.  I have avoided the plyometrics and cardio workouts but have done the Kenpo, Yoga, Core Synergistics as well as all the upper body workouts.  I had been noticing gains in strength and, being the non-competetive person I am, challenged myself to a 50 push up duel (with myself!).

50 push ups from the toes without a break.  I'm not talking about the modified push ups (if you are thinking "girl" push ups, I may come over and level you with my newfound upper body strength).  I am doing the plank-style, from the toes push ups.  Along with doing the P90X workouts, I have added sets of push ups to aid in my quest.

A friend suggested doing sets, building them up as I go along.  The first was a series of 6 sets of 15 push ups.  That is 90 push ups.  Hello!  I have gotten through those and am on my second day of 4 by 25 push ups.  I will admit that my arms were shaking like jello in an earthquake on the last 25.  The good thing is I KNOW I can do 25 pushups without a break. 

Here are pictures taken of my bicep.  The first is a picture taken in early January before Insanity.  Two things you should know:  do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own bicep?  And second, do you know how vain it feels to take a picture of your own bicep?  I'm doing this only for scientific purposes.  I wanted to see if I am making improvements in my muscular size and I think they are slightly more developed since I started Insanity. 

Before Insanity

P90X and push up challenge.

I have started another challenge in the last few days:  drink one gallon of water daily.  I stocked up on toilet paper before beginning this challenge!  The first day, the water and I had a face-off and I really thought it would take me down.  Just before dinner, all water had been consumed!  I actually found that I normally drink a lot of water.  A gallon looks intimidating but I've been able to consume the whole jug daily as well as my coffee and Shakeology. 

I can't run?  What will I do with my time?

My challenger!
I'm ready to take on the challenge!
I started physical therapy last week and my calf is extremely sore!  I had to do a lot of heel lifts and that is the most work my calves have done since I've run.  I'm hopeful that I can begin running soon!