Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week Three- Now what?

Two weeks of not running!  I haven't had a panic attack, yelling fit or pity party (well, not a big one).  Each day I have found a workout to do, mostly from P90X.  My upper body has been getting quite a workout these past two weeks.



After- it was full of writing utensils that may or may not have worked.  Ta-da!  Now they are separated :)  Small victories.

Kitchen:  I have cleaned out two junk drawers!  Not much, but it's two organized drawers I didn't have before my injury.  The kitchen still has a lot of work and I have a goal to get at least two more drawers or cabinets organized and decluttered.

Push ups!  I have done so many push ups in the last two weeks I decided to make a challenge for myself.  My goal is to do 50 push ups from my toes by mid-March.  I know I can do 25 without pausing and have been doing sets of push ups to improve my strength. 

Physical therapy begins tomorrow and I am not excited about it.  I will do what they tell me and pray that I am close to complete healing.  I feel great walking and feel like I could run right now.  I actually cannot figure out what hurts anymore.  I would like to find out more about my injury.  The peroneal tendon and gastrocnemius appear to be strained. 

I will update next week on my injury status.