Monday, July 2, 2012

7/2 - 12 Hours of Doubt

Did you know I'm going to be in a 12 hour run on August 12th?  Did you know I haven't trained for it?

I've been told it's a big PARTY and it's "so fun!".

Why can't I get past the idea that maybe 12 hours of running won't be "fun"?
Here are some things you could do in 12 hours:

Fly from Seattle to Tokyo NON-STOP:  10 hours!  I'd still have 2 more hours of running. 
Drive from Seattle to Reno, Nevada plus a few extra minutes.  Reno!! 

Read half a Tolstoy novel. 

Watch "Titanic" almost FOUR times. 

My training has been staggered these past couple of months, tapering for marathons, recovering from marathons and just being busy with my family.  I'd venture to say it's a bit late to tack on high mileage at this point seeing how it's about 6 weeks away and I have a marathon, Ragnar Relay, an 8k and a half marathon scheduled between now and then.  

The course record for women is held by my very good friend, Jessica Bienvenue.  I love ya, girl, but you know I will be keeping your record in mind.  At least in the beginning before the delusions set in.  We will loop around Capital Lake, 1.5 miles each go around.  I will have to loop de loop 41+ times to take over the course record, assuming no other woman is plotting the same thing.

What can you do in 12  hours?

Here's a preview of what I will look like on August 12th.