Friday, July 20, 2012


I have them!  Excuses, that is.  The month is disappearing and my blog challenge hopes along with it.  A quick update so you know I'm alive!

I ran in a tunnel. It was dark. It was 2 miles.  The Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon was on July 15th and after finishing - I'll report soon - my daughter and I drove to her future college for orientation for a few days.  That will get a post as well.  And after barely being home, I'm off to have a 24+ hour slumber/running party with 11 other women at the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage.  The CN Honey Badgers are ready to make some kills!

Do you have fun summer vacation plans?  Do you ever find yourself away from home so much that the cats are mean and scold you before accepting you back into their furry lives?  Are you living out of slatted spoons and funnel cake pans because all the dishes are dirty?