Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Memories

This is my third post for July and I'll be catching up with my challenge of 31 posts in 31 days before I get overwhelmed.

If you hid in our home and listened in on our family conversations (that would be so creepy...don't do that!), you would often hear us say, "Do you remember when..." and tell the same story again, embellishing events and adding color to unwilling characters in our family stories.

Tonight my daughter has a sore throat.  As we flung every kind of "quil" and "fed" out of the cupboards looking for just the right cure for the night, we again time traveled back to a summer vacation memory.  It went something like this.

The year was 2004 and Silverwood Theme Park was the destination.  Crystal not surprisingly was sick just before we were to leave. We made a quick run to the doctor who informed us she was probably having a bad reaction to the pollen.  The van was loaded and we hit the road for Idaho.

As we arrived in town, Crystal pointed out an Urgent Care on the main strip and noted it was good to know where it was "just in case."  Oh yes, it definitely was.

Now my memories are a little hazy about the order of things so bear with me on the details. We had 3+ day passes to the park which included the water park.  Crystal was really feeling sick with cold symptoms and lacking energy.  I think we had fun the first day.  Pretty sure.

Second day, I'm dragging.  Start getting itchy throat, swallowing, coughing, runny nose.  Medicine for me to keep symptoms hidden.  Played at the water park, rode the big slides, bathing suit wedgies, surfed the wave pool.  Lots of fun!

From here on out, I don't recall exactly how long it took things to progress from sick to Urgent Care sick but we ended up there twice.  I had an ear infection on top of the worst cold of my life and Jessica got pink eye and was also sick.  Jeff escaped the worst of it but did get the cold.

You might think this was a horrible vacation.  We've had worse.  We stood in the kitchen laughing tonight thinking about one particular aspect of our trip.  No, it wasn't trying to get eye drops in Jessica's eyes on the side of the highway while she screamed in horror.  She was 8.  Dropping anything in her eyes might have been scary.

The funny incident:  we left our huge Costco towels along with our USED water bottles on a grassy area while we went on slides or tubes.  When we returned, a middle-aged bikini/speedo clad couple were lounging on our towels, DRINKING OUR WATER!  We quizzically approached them and told them we thought they were lying on our towels.  They instantly got up and apologized and said their kids had the same towels and were going to meet them in the same area.  I told them, "I'm so sorry to tell you this but you are going to get the worst cold in your life." and wished them luck.

That is how evil our family is.  We laughed at the thought of another family suffering through what we did.

Do you have any terrible yet funny family vacation memories?