Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December - Fit or Fat?

As I sat gnawing on a very fat gingerbread man last night, the old cliche, "You are what you eat," echoed through my head. I had even changed my Facebook name to Gingerbread Cantcatchme in honor of the holidays and have started to feel a little Gingy, like in Shrek.  A little spicy attitude coated with frosting.

I've spent December un-training. Do I run? Yeah, but slowly and if I feel like running 3 miles, I do. If it's 11, I will. My weekly mileage is 20 miles lower than my average but I'm am so Gingy with that. I'm loving the time away from constantly planning and training and thinking about my next race. Please, don't anyone tell me about my next set of races. Gingy isn't ready to hear it and has put frosting in her ears.

So my question is, do you take a break in December? Do you continue training, reduce your workouts or bag it altogether?

While you contemplate your fitness or fatness level, I will be working on catching up on my race reports and stuffing myself with fudge.