Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Port Orchard Jingle Bell 5k

December 1, 2012
The Jingle Bell Run/Walk is the Arthritis Foundation's nationwide holiday run/walk event, raising both awareness and funds to fight arthritis. Participants are provided with jingle bells to tie to their shoe laces and are encouraged to dress in holiday costumes, making the Jingle Bell Run/Walk a festive holiday event for individuals, families, companies and community teams. The event consists of a 5K Run/Walk and a children's 1K Run With the Elves.
My hometown knows how to have fun!

Six days post Seattle Marathon, I ran a local 5k that I won last year. My time last year was 20:03, a time that intimidated me this time around. I wasn't sure how I could run that fast but the course was flat and something magical happens at the starting line.  With a late start of 1:30 pm, I had plenty of time to sleep in, check in, warm up. A Christmas party with dancing, contests and games was in full force before the race and I was just trying to stay warm! I wish now I had joined in the dancing because it looked super fun.

Finally it was time to line up. I stepped to the front of the line, a do or die move.  Wearing my long sleeve Brooks ID top, much-needed gloves, capris and my amazing purple Brooks Flows.  

We ran down Bay Street past small local businesses draped in holiday garland. This street would be flooded within a week and close a crossfit gym. I was near the front pack of runners and soon was ahead of all the women but one young teen girl. No mile markers on the course so the only indication of time was at the turnaround. I was at 10:30. A barrage of Christmas trees, Santas and many other festive costumes greeted me on my way to the finish.
Start of the race. I'm in my Brooks gear on the right.

I rounded the last corner and sprinted for the clock, trying to get there before it hit 21 minutes. Headwinds were heavy and just as I was to run under the clock, a gust of wind threw the clock to the ground , barely missing me as I stopped short. I was hoping there was a picture but the moment was missed on film. I have no official chip time as I didn't get to run through the timing system but was given 20:56 on record.

I finished 2nd female and will be sent an engraved award in the mail. I love this race!

Flooded Bay Street.