Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thoughts on the Run - 12/18/12

"You know you're a runner when..." ____________________________________

One way I know I'M a runner (obviously I run) is that during the run, I think, plan, plot, make lists and have my future novel almost worked out before I finish my last mile.  New runners, those forced to run to warm up for their sport, those being chased, they seem to be stuck thinking about their lungs and a slow burning sensation throughout their body. I remember those days and they come back to me when I've been slacking, or in the intense moments of training or racing. So today, I thought I would share my running thoughts on an easy run.

All bundled up, hooked into my new iphone with music- hallelujah -the first time since my itouch died during a rainy July marathon. I've downloaded some free apps, one of them the Nike+ so I could track my run. Oh yeah, my Garmin is gasping its last breaths of life. I'm pretty sure Santa is bringing me something special!

Thoughts on the run:
Just an 8 miler today. Gonna try to run faster than yesterday. I don't NEED to.
Aw, pretty horses wearing blankets. Don't step on the dead bird. Does that car see me? Get off the white line!
Hi Mr. School bus driver who always gives me the thumbs up!
Wow I'm liking this free playlist..."one mile" says Nike app. Better pace than yesterday.
Feeling good, red scarf flying behind me and I realize I'm dressed like a flag. And my underwear is creeping up. Cars? Attempt the underwear rescue maneuver semi-successfully.
Past two miles and wonder what to make for dinner and it's soccer night oh, and I'm meeting someone to sell something.
I wonder how long I'll keep my hair short and this color (I have entered the mysterious zone where I am not thinking about running just like you don't think about breathing.).
Two and a half miles and I reflect on the school shooting as I run past the fire station with the flag at half-mast.
Loving my new purple Brooks Pure Flows! I'm so excited to find out I will be in the Brooks ID program another year! The Run Happy company.
Wow I'd love to join the running coach program with Fleet Feet but with my job hunt, it's hard to commit until I know when I'm available.
There's my big rock already and I get to turn around. I think I will do push-ups and squats and core when I get home. Yes, definitely!! I feel great! Was it just a year ago that I got all buff doing P90X? I need to start lifting and pushing things again.
Almost home! Already getting dark at 3:40! Hey Austin! Another runner friend braving the cold. It's been railing (rain/hail) for 10 minutes but my face is numb now so I don't care.
Dodge the mailman, school children exiting the bus and wave at drivers who move over from the white line.
Home! Up the driveway and see a little bird trapped in the duck pen. Save bird. Fill bird feeder and go inside to do my workout when I see my daughters watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Head into the kitchen to warm my hands, see the baked goodies on the counter and, well, there were biceps curls to my face.

Exciting? What do you think about on the run? Do you make grandiose plans while running only to "forget" them when you get home?