Thursday, January 10, 2013

Not Running Life

January 10, 2013

Obviously this won't be a race report, unless you want to hear about how I was in a race to the bathroom with my kitty, me on crutches and wearing a boot, and kitty hyped up and doing circles around me since she knew I would be doing the magic trick of opening a can of food for her. Note to my former writing students: that was a run on sentence.

Nearly 2 weeks have passed since "the Incident" and everyday tasks such as bathing, cooking, dressing myself, etc., have all taken on a new level of importance. My chopsticks, er...crutches, have been used in ways not intended. My left leg is thankfully strong and getting stronger. I recommend not carrying liquid in an open container while moving about your house, heaven forbid, should you be in this predicament.

My family is super helpful but can't always be there when I need help. Some ways I've worked around this is pushing a laundry basket around with one crutch, hopping, and pushing it more until I arrive at the designated spot. I've also kept a backpack near my chair and carry things around in it. A cat-pack is in progress and I'll let you know if I am successful using my four cats to carry things around the house for me.

Exercising has been more challenging with this injury than the one I had 2 years ago.  With Injury #1, I had more ability to use my leg as long as I didn't point my toes. There's not much I can do with a broken metatarsal since any pressure is painful and not advised at this point.  I've used free weights, done some ab/core work but have found myself slacking. I did an hour of Just Dance last night which was awesome! Perhaps if you saw me, awkward might better describe it, but for me, AWESOME. It annoyed me to not be able to move my legs and get my cardio up but I did sweat a little.

Today I am contemplating aqua jogging. You've seen them in the pool, those pretend runners.  Well now that will be me. Don't judge me, tell me I'm in your way or kick my foot as you go by. I will be working my tail off to get some cardio training. And when you jump out of the pool, think of me hopping my way up the pool stairs and crawling out on my hands and knees. Have a heart. I will definitely be wearing shorts!

I've been keeping track of my food intake since my injury and I will freely admit that when I'm healthy and running, I eat a lot. A LOT. It's been a challenge to cut down on portion sizes because my gut didn't get the memo that I'm not running.

On another note, I have started taking Christmas decorations down today. Normally it's done by January 2nd but I've been a little sidetracked. And I heard it's not even a crime until March 1st. So technically I'm ahead of the game!