Tuesday, November 22, 2011

40 Marathons!

10 years ago this past October, I ran my first marathon in Portland, Oregon.  At the time, running another marathon was possible but I wasn't committed to it until after the new year began.  I didn't run after the Portland Marathon until the new year.  And then the idea of trying another marathon pricked at my brain for a couple of months until I gave in and signed up for the Seattle Marathon set for November.

It has dawned on me recently that I will be running my 40th marathon this Sunday in Seattle.  That's a big number for me!  How should I celebrate?  Do I wear something on race day that signifies this milestone or do you think that's bragging, showboating, hotdogging, etc?  

Without the Marathon Maniacs, I'm sure my marathon count would be about 10 or less.  Thanks to my Insane Running Club for supporting my healthy habit!  And if you didn't know, there will be a BOOK about this amazing group coming out soon.  I will post a link to the book when it becomes availble.